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arduino servo robot with loptop code

i am building a servo robot which will be controlled via the web with arduino.  i found an instructable for one but the code didnt post any one have code that will work??????????




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So we are at that point in LMR history that we get to vote someone off the island?

I'm sorry. I was out of line a bit here. I know you are frusterated and just want some help. I did some searching and found your code.

You can find it here.

lol +1


Have a look at http://www.oomlout.com/serb 


I do not mind when people ask questions about topics on other websites. But why not ask there for the code.

The people here on LMR are mostly nerds and willing to help but they (including me) will not do your homework to search for code. Each project is different and many ways lead to the final result, so there is no standard code (except some examples) for any of the projects. The best thing is to contact the creator and ask for help.

But first try to answer Chris' questions to make sure you are not running in the wrong direction.

if you read the link you will see that it was posted 5 years ago and the creator has not replyed to any comments by other users so shut up

I am not shutting up yet. You are just registered and with your behavior you will not get any help anywhere. I am active in some forums and communities but such a manner is just not fair. The Internet is open for everyone and using any search engine (big Google, Yahoo etc) should be the first thing to do. Register to any community and shout around when people trying to guide you into the right direction is not appreciated.

No i shut up ;-)

I believe people are trying to help you. Telling them to shut up does not promote help from other's who are watching. Certainly you must understand this already.

Really? You come to ask for help and then tell people to shut up? Wow.

This is quite possibly this highest level of douchebagery I have seen here so far.