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streaming video

Does anyone have any experience controlling their robot over the internet (not lan) via a webcam?

I'm trying to find some open-soruce code.  Preferabbly not C, but anything else would be managable. 

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WebCamSpy is an open source Python (windows) project that can be used to serve video on a webpage.  It is available as source or an executable.

It is easy to test out by installing the executable, running the program, and:

  1. Select Setup then HTTP tabs
  2. Check On checkbox
  3. Type your computer IP address in the host field
  4. Click Save
  5. Open a webrowser (IE or Firefox) and open the IP address and port (separated by a colon), and click on your browser type after the page loads

Assuming you have a router and you want to view the webcam from the outside world (or LAN) you will want to point the router to that specific machine.

The Python program is suprisingly fast which is typically a must for telerobots.

Awesome! thanks for the response. I'll def take a look at it!  

may be able to be adapted to do what you are attempting to accomplish.

I've looked at a few, but the code isn';t freely avaible. I know i could skype and yawcam looks kinda of promising, but an open-source option would be ideal.  yawcam is a windows only...

There have been a few on this site. Search for them.