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Evil Dead - an RC art bot


Here is my art robot named "Evil Dead". This name comes from the movie trilogy which features "Ash", an S-mart clerk thrown through an assortment of crazy adventures. Really, if you have not seen these movies, THEY ARE A MUST SEE!!!

The robot is made from regular Vex parts, some glued on prints, and is remote controlled. It features a severed life sized deadite head, neon green cold cathode lighting, arduino controlled strobe lights, 4wd, and Omni wheel steering.

Future improvements: I plan on adding more theme pictures once I copy them from the movies and print them.


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The strobe lights make it extra creepy and all three of the Evil Deads are some of my favorite movies because of how funny they. I know they're not actually supposed to be, but they are hilarious!

I think the first one was an attempt to be serious and scary. Evil Dead 2 pretty much gave up on that and went for hilarity.

Its all about artistic expression.

There's no difference in terms of Art from a line follower and what I've built.

Form meets function.

A line follower is expected to follow a line.

An art bot themed on a horror movie trilogy should be creepy.

The fun comments have convinced me this project is a success!  :-)



I had a cool unexpected surprise with the video, which was that the green neon shines through the front foam core picture.

If I turn off the strobes, the front picture actually glows green from the back light effect.

I didn't see that coming and is a nice surprise.

I only watched the trailer and that's creepy enough for me.

Ash kicks ass!!! My favourite trilogy in the word!!!

May I suggest to put one or two green LED below the head and driving around the area at the night. Remember take a camera with you.

Hoho, what a crazy design...not seen before.

But besides the design, please also give us some info about the electronics and the things it can do ;-)

This head is really scary...haha