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LMR on Twitter

LMR is on Twitter under the name LetsMakeRobots.

LMR Tweets (updated 2012-04-22)

I have been actively tweeting as LetsMakeRobots June 2011. You can too. To get your tweet re-tweeted by LMR, simply begin your tweet with '@letsmakerobots' (without the quotes). Within 5 minutes, your tweet should be reposted from the LMR Twitter account. It'll come out looking like this:


Pretty simple. Get tweeting!

I post information on all the great robots, tips and such created by all of you. I also respond to tweets from others, and post robotics related news that I find relevant when I find it.

We have been building a following, and on April 22, 2012 we reached a goal I set to get 1000 LetsMakeRobots followers. Acheivement unlocked! Hurray!

Below is a graph of our Twitter statistics since I started tweeting on June 28, 2011. It shows the steady progress we made growing LMR's name on Twitter by sharing great content. 

LMR Member List

I have created a Twitter list of LMR members that I know about. The list is at https://twitter.com/#!/LetsMakeRobots/lmr-members, and you can subscribe to the list to keep up on tweets from LMR members.

The list is public, and anyone can subscribe to the list to see tweets from all the list members.

If you want to be added to the list, simply send a tweet to @letsmakerobots and ask to be added.

If you are on the list and want to be removed, send a tweet and just ask!

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I check a few different sites, but Twittercounter.com gives me the basics, plus a predition of growth in followers.

I was using klout.com to get the unique retweets and mentioners, but they've stopped reporting on that.

The graph above was made in Microsoft Excel using the raw data.

I haven't had much time to tweet lately, but I'm starting up again in the new year. I may still make my goal of 1000 followers in 9 months.

I'm trying to post one robot, one tip, one blog, and one 'something else' each day.

Keep making great content and I'll keep tweeting it!

I'm following,

Graph is updated. We're looking pretty good for reaching 1000 subscribers by the end of March.

Way to go IG(Andrew).

That's really gr8! I am also a new follower on LMR.....so I wish even more followers will come!

Long live Let's make robots!! ;)

Updated the graph. We are getting close to 900 followers. It's going to be tough to hit my original goal of 1000 users in nine months. It's a completely arbitrary goal, but I'll still be kinda bummed if we don't make it.

Also, something new. There is now a list of LMR members on Twitter, so people can easily keep up with LMRians via Twitter.


We're at about 920 followers and it's mid-March, which I think means we won't quite hit 1000 by the month's end. However, I'm still pretty happy with how our followers have grown and the connections I've helped make through Twitter. 

New Voices Behind LMR

As I announced in this post, I'll be away for a couple of weeks in April, so I've solicited for other LMR members to stand in on the Twitter account during that time. 

GeneralGeek (@NoahMoroze on Twitter) and BotFIN (@BotFIN) have been tweeting for LMR via their own accounts, while I have retweeted their messages. They're doing a very nice job so far. If you follow us on Twitter, be sure to give them your encouragement and constructive feedback.