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LMR is on Twitter under the name LetsMakeRobots.

LMR Tweets (updated 2012-04-22)

I have been actively tweeting as LetsMakeRobots June 2011. You can too. To get your tweet re-tweeted by LMR, simply begin your tweet with '@letsmakerobots' (without the quotes). Within 5 minutes, your tweet should be reposted from the LMR Twitter account. It'll come out looking like this:


Pretty simple. Get tweeting!

I post information on all the great robots, tips and such created by all of you. I also respond to tweets from others, and post robotics related news that I find relevant when I find it.

We have been building a following, and on April 22, 2012 we reached a goal I set to get 1000 LetsMakeRobots followers. Acheivement unlocked! Hurray!

Below is a graph of our Twitter statistics since I started tweeting on June 28, 2011. It shows the steady progress we made growing LMR's name on Twitter by sharing great content. 

LMR Member List

I have created a Twitter list of LMR members that I know about. The list is at https://twitter.com/#!/LetsMakeRobots/lmr-members, and you can subscribe to the list to keep up on tweets from LMR members.

The list is public, and anyone can subscribe to the list to see tweets from all the list members.

If you want to be added to the list, simply send a tweet to @letsmakerobots and ask to be added.

If you are on the list and want to be removed, send a tweet and just ask!

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I once used Twitter but felt like by not having it constantly let me know something was going on, I was missing out. It made my Blackberry at the time a nuisance. I then went to just checking every hour or so on the website but even then felt like I was missing out on a lot of what was going on or available. I would like to give it another go in the near future though.

Well, I'm tweeting actively as LetsMakeRobots, but if you already stay up todate on the site you may not care. I do try to engage other Twitter users with related interests and comment on robotics related news and such as I find it. So there is some content that doesn't originate at LMR.

I opened a new Twitter account and added You and LMR. I'm always looking for new ideas and info, so maybe being on Twitter again will feed the creativity.

OK, I admit I had a hidden agenda when I posted this. I am now tweeting as LetsMakeRobots from Twitter. My goal is to reach people who might not come to letsmakerobots.com.

I'll be tweeting content from LMR regularly, and trying to build a following by interacting with others on Twitter.

So if you are a Twitter user, subscribe.

If you have something cool you want to promote, let me know and I'll tweet about it if it seems appropriate.

:D It appears that this is the safest way to reach people outside our circles, Andrew :D

Admittedly I'd rather build bots than read about what someone else is doing.

But what if they dont make robots, but they might like robts that we make, we could reach out to them. Just like what frits said. 

or facebook etc.  Not  into  the so called social networking - I have a life :)

No it's not since it's blocked in China and I don't want to waste time for things which are not reliable.(Facebook I am using just a few times per month since it's also blocked here.

My most activity is on Flickr and now also here :-)


Never tried it. At the same time I am not realy tempted by it, just don't see a purpose to know what my friends, or people I don't even know, are doing or thinking off at any time of day. If you are fallowing a company or a groop then I can understand its' usefulness but still.

Or is it just that I am missing something?