Let's Make Robots!

3x3x3 led cube controlled by arduino

Blinks in different programable patterns

My first step to robotics.... an 3x3x3 cube

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I really hope you mean $23 and not $2300, that would be some expensive LED's :)
I made my 4x4x4 cube for around 50 euro's, and that includes one failed perfboard layout and a burned out TLC5940 driver :)

NO its that I wanted to tell I did all this in 2$ and the 30$ arduino......

So basically if I dont consider the arduino... its comes to just 2$............LOL

Gonna make a 10x10x10 cube now... 

Its gonna be DIWALI in India after a few months....so this time instead of buying some lanterns I am thinking of making my own with the cube