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Bluetooth module worth keeping?


Well here is the problem, I have a Bluetooth module and I did use it on a previous bot, but it had a library specifically for that module so I was only copying a pasting code to get it working.

 Now I scraped that microcontroller but still have the module that came with it, so I was wondering if it was worth salvaging (seeing  that they cost about 60$!) and maybe using it with my Arduino in the near future? And if it was would anybody have some info on how to get it working? 

Here is the link to the page with the description and there is also a user guide but for use with a

“C-Stamp” :  Here 

At the moment my knowledge of C is limited so I don’t think I will be implementing this just right now but I am still interested to know if this could be used and how.

Thanks in advance! 



Just in case the link at the top doess't work;



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It is a UART bluetooth module. It should work with any microcontroller. Connect the RX pin of a microcontroller's UART port to the TX pin of your bluetooth module and vice versa. You should be able to use it



I, for the life of me, do not understand what the Bluetooth and/or X-bee libraries actually do! --I have always used simple UART serial, with either the hard-serial pins or softserial and it has worked just fine. I say keep it --will be good with anything.

Well I will connect it up as suggested by yamanoorsai and see if it shows up on the computer as a Bluetooth device if I have time tonight. 

Will do some more googling to find as much info as I can. 

From what I understand, once this things is powered up and connected to the computer, I can use a terminal program to communicate to is as if I was using the serial terminal in the arduino IDE no?  And on the arduino side I would use the commands.

If I am mistaken please correct me. 

From doing a quick skim of the manual, you are correct, you should be able to connect, configure and do all that fun stuff from your pc. It appears to be similar to the bluesmirf that several of us have except that it takes at commands, but that is pretty strait forward from looking at the manual. Just make sure you are connecting at the correct speeds and also see if there is a initialization time when you turn it on. for the bluesmirf, it's 10 secondes before it drops out of the config mode.