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Rover 5 Based Bot V1

Moves around

So with Help From Various people including Oddbot and Chris the Carpenter i have a working Rover 5 Base and i can now control it with my IR Controller.

It was a long journey and it is a massive mess of wires but ive finally got it working.

To see some images go to http://www.robotspace.co.uk/Images/

Some of the images are 4288px x 3216px which is why im not posting here; Picture names ending in _S are the smaller versions.

Let me know what you think ;)



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I'm looking forward to the video.

Are you happy with how the Rover 5 works?  Would you recommend it to others?

I am very happy with it, tho i had slight problems with the tracks slipping off then going over surfaces such as cushions in the living room and other fabrics. Carpets and Patio it works great on.

As the kit does not come with any offical "How to build me" kind of thing. I found it hard but as i say i got some guys off here to help and it works a treat.

Gotta wait for my brother to get in so he can record and i control or vice versa because its not easy controlling it and recording at the same time.



Video added :)

Would you mind sharing your code? I have got the same setup but am having some trouble...