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Another 'Start Here' Robot

Navigates around via ultrsound so far.

This is my first 'thinking' robot. It's based on the Start Here tutorial. A PicAxe 28x1 controlling 2 motors with SRF05 ultrasonic sensor. It carries a 5Ahr lithium battery( I know, it's definitly overkill, but I had it laying around unused). The drivetrain was salvaged out of a toy robot(the 'Joe-Bot') that I picked up for $1.99USD, which lowered my construction costs big time. It had it's first test run yesterday which was a 'qualified' success. Needs a whole lot of software tuning as it spazzes out every so often and goes crazy before returning to some sense of normalcy( damn, it's sounds just like me!!!). Unfortunately, programming is not my strong suit at all. On another note, LMR is the BEST robot site on the web that I have found and this community is both very knowledgable and friendly.  I'm honored to be a part of it.Without all the tutorials and tips I would still be spinning my wheels. Next I'll be adding more sensors and fine tuning it's programming. Now it's time to go play(er, work, that is) with my creation.PICT0018.jpg

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Nice work. Looks similar to a bot I'm working on http://www.obscurereality.org/?page_id=19

I like how clean yous looks... have any videos of it in action?

Hey, great minds think alike, huh?! No video yet on mine, I'm having one heck of a time getting my programming working. I'm using the clean navigation program here on LMR and it's only working very poorly. I've adjusted the program to my specs but it is working nothing like the other comparable models that I've seen on the website! As soon as I get it consistently workable I'll post a video. Hope you have better luck with yours. I'll be checking yours out as your project progresses. Good luck!

Looks pretty cool.  I was wondering...Your battery pack looks like a battery pack that I have for my saw.  (Black and Decker VPX).  Is that what you are using?  

Good eye! That's exactly what I'm using. 2 VPX batteries in parrallel, one forward and one back for more even weight distribution.

hi, good robot :)

nice details, expecially the head, you're definitely on the arty side, rik will be happy :P 

you could add some other pics, maybe of the bottom and the drive train. 

Beat me to it huh Nicola!

BTW, he's talking about this. One Bot, One Hat!