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30 Amp Dual motor Driver, Krumtroller Order requests

The Krumtroller has been generating alot of interests lately, and Ive been working on a 2nd revision of the board. It's cheaper than the other boards, because I'm not looking for profit first, I'm far more interested in helping out LMR'ers and further their projects. Therefore, I am offering the Dual Motor Driver, featuring Current sensing, PWM control and bidirectional motor control for Just 50 dollars. This board can handle 30 amps and Fits under 70mm square, and has standardized mounting holes so you can mount any LGA775 compatable cooler for the board. The LGA775 cooler is a set of computer processor coolers able to handle Over 65 Watts of heat dissapation from the VNH2SP30's. The board will also feature surface mount construction to reduce the size of the board and keep components minimalistic. A final design will be out by the end of the week, Look for it monday. If you are interested in the board, please post below so I can plan on how many boards I should produce for the first run.

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I'll be retrying this project, using fets this time instead of the expensive Motor Controller IC. We'll see how this goes this time!

Great! I am still interested if it is the same price and the same features.

Im designing the board for the VNH2SP30, however they seem to be discontinued and very hard to get ahold of. It looks like its going to lose its Current sensing ability, hopefully I will be able to find a source however.

I thought i could made one by myself (about 12V 10A), but i failed, and my project is liyng down.

I live in france, No problem to pay extra shipping.

I hope you will release this soon!


Just wandering where you get your chips (vnh2sp30) from. It seems like you can get them to a decent prize when you can sell this boards at this prize. Im currently working on serial controlled single motor version but it`s not very wise to complete the design if the chips cost 40$ a piece or if you have to buy them in thousands.

Hi Krumlink,

Definately sounds interesting.  Is it possible to parallel the two motor outputs to get 60A output to single motor?

Hope you won't mind posting to Australia :)


Nope I don't mind sending it all the way down under, Although you may have to pay extra for shipping. Yes you can parallel the outputs and inputs.



Yes Im interested in one of those .

I need it for a project of mine I call USV-P1 (left unfinished cause of lack of money but now  that I have money I wont be missing this one ).

In case you are curious in what it means , Unmanned (It depends if it will be ) Sea Vehicle - Prototype 1 .