Let's Make Robots!

RoboCat - a shop front display robot

Entertains children

Recently DAGU developed some educational cardboard robot kits. To promote these kits we built a child sized version and added some simple IR sensors so that the robot could turn to face you when you are in range.

The robot was designed by Cathy Star, you can see her with her creation in the photo and video. The robot is controlled by DAGU's beginners robot controller. This is an Arduino compatible controller using an ATmega8A loaded with the Arduino bootloader.


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That is brilliant.

The "wobble" gives it a sort of life-like quality :-)

I like it.  Just needs to walk around a bit now.

Easier said than done. Even though it is only sheet plastic similar to softdrink bottle plastic it is quite heavy. I had to make a bearing system to support the weight at the waist.
There is nothing fancy involved. They are just the same 12Kg/cm metal geared servos we use for DAGU's Robot arm. The body is made from a flexible plastic sheet which helps absorb shock. You can buy servo savers from hobby shops if you want something relatively child proof. Many toys use a clutch system similar to that used for the torque setting in electric drills.

May I ask how the joints were actuated? If you recall or have been paying attention, Dan M was trying to find a child resistant way of driving the neck of his robot. He tried a friction based method, but, found it was not quite reliable enough.


Cathy or the robot? :-p

Yes. ; j