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MediBot2 - Reloaded

Photovore - Light seeking solar powered


Introducing Medibot2, this is infact the same bot that I introduced a fews years back as MeditBOt1.Back then he was housed in an empty pill bottle. Now after a few visits to the dollar store I found the perfect new body. Makes you love seeing those words "Made In China". His body is now the holding clip from a LED Book Lamp (small clip-on light supposedly to be used to help reading my kindle in the dark) Oh well.

The circuit is essentially that of a double sided solar engine using the 1381S transistor

 looking device (not an electronic techie, can you tell). Had a bit of trouble getting it to work essentially however after a little troubleshooting found that the middle leg of the 1381S wasn't properly connected (something to look out for with free forming circuits)

The circuitry is a mix between free form and perf board. Fuse holding clips keep pager motors at bay, while an old paper clip extends across the front to form leg frames. At the rear I drilled a hole big enough to fit the cap snuggly. Oh I love my dremel 8200. I left the wires at back to similate a tail and same at the front to resemble whiskers besides isnt that what BEAM is all about.

Oh yeah I followed this guy's online instructions for the circuitry http://chiumanfu.solarbotics.net/photovore.html


Visible components from front elevation

-> Pager motors

-> 100K Trimpot

-> 4700 Cap

-> tie straps

-> Photo Transistors (peeeking out)

->Solar Cell

Under the hood


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Nice work.

i'm glad there are still people making BEAM bots :)