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Arduino to Nintendo DS

Is there any way to connect an arduino to a nintendo ds. not just the touch screen, but to use the display and buttons, too.

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alright thanks!

Seems like a great explaination.  but theres no way to put homebrew on a first gen ds?  is there a serial slot on the ds that i can simply plug into? 


get an r4 card. it is essentially a micro sd adaptor to put one in the normal ds cartridge slot. you put .nds files on it and the ds on startup will run them. there is also the flash edge card but they've been replaced with the edge-i which only works on a dsi.

that covers running your homebrew to connect to the arduino i just don't know what to do about connecting the arduino

You can run homebrew applications in first gen you cant use the serial (I dont know if there is one ).

I think there is hack for this one called r4 .

I think that this is possible but only with ds lite and versions after this one .

It does not work with the first generation , I was trying to do this but I own the first generation ds .

Actually there is an instructable too .

Check this out http://www.instructables.com/id/Connect-NDSL-with-ARDUINO/

its easy enough to run homebrew on original through to dsi. guess you cant hack into the expansion slot then with homebrew

don'y know how easy it is but if you created a homebrew ds application you may be able to use the expansion slot in the bottom of the original and lite versions. otherwise you would have to assume wifi in the ds can be used for this application which i dont think it can