Let's Make Robots!

Ok, finally, my new project :)

Yes, I'm starting a new project! This is what I've got:

A funny phonendoscope cover and a piece of PVC pipe. This robot will be the first of IBS (Isotope's Baby Series). I call it series as I hope there will be more robots which I build for my baby daughter. I will be posting my progress and more photos are coming. :D

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Thank you guys! Yes, Dan, it will wiggle like a worm. the body frame consists of four sections with three servos between them. IG, this bot is going to be a simple one. it will have a tilt sensor to tell the bot if it is being "played" with, and wiggle accordingly :) I hope to implement this functionality over the weekend, before I go to work in field. And when I'm back I plan to add LED eyes and a speaker.

At the moment I'm finished with segments and starting my soldering job :)

Sounds good.  The hard tubes and servos can be packed safely inside the foam, but I was thinking of one thing.

Having raised children myself, plus been around many others (including grandchildren now) I know for a fact that babies tend to put anything they can into their mouths.  The LEDs concerned me, since they might be pulled / broken loose and they will immediately go into the child's mouth and she could choke on it.  Just a "grandpa's" warning to be sure you attach them (and any other small accessible parts) securely, so it would take Hulk Hogan to pull them loose. <grin>

If they can come loose, they probably will, and possibly when you are not around to hear her choking.

Sorry, that is scary stuff, but I felt the need to say it.


Oh, yeah, you are absolutely right! They eat whatever they managed to get in their hands :))) My daughter even tries to ear a table :))) And I did some thinking on that. The eyes of this worm are pretty nicely attached to the head, so I plan to drill the holes in them ad put LEDs from inside, so the little cap on LEDs would prevent them from being pulled out from outside. Thanks a lot for your grandpa advise! And, that is not a scary stuff, it is reality!

I can't wait to see what your special brand of creativity and corny-ness will make with this.

Cool.  So it will wiggle like a worm?