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Delta robot with three arms

Moves in three axis
Plotting a very rough Fibonacci curve433.3 KB

All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com.

This version of the Delta3 is complete. I have mounted it upside down in a box and added a pen to make it a plotter. I could add a dremel to make it a 3-axis CNC or a reprap nozzle to make it a 3d printer. It has fewer parts than most 3-axis CNC and can be very accurate.

I have deprecated this project and now offer a newer version with better, affordable parts on my website.

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Very nicely done!

Your design looks very good. Nice and stable construction :)

With regards to building a 3D printer out of this I have some concerns about the overall stability and the accuracy of the servo motors. The bases for a good print is pinpoint accuracy to at least 0.1mm (on all axis) and judging by the long rods it seems hard to get the stability and accuracy needed.
That said, I love the Delta robots.

First of all, I’m not disrespecting your Delta robot. I think it looks great and operates immaculate.

That said I had a look at the video and the iFab website. If that is done with standard RC servos it’s quite impressive. Still there seems to be a couple of stepper motors for the Z-axis, so just adding an extruder head won’t give you a full 3D printer, or it might give you one with very limited build height.

As the video is the company official promotion video I can’t say that the build quality impresses me. But it looks great and is probably a great conversation piece.

It seems I misread your original statement in a bad mood.

The iFab link was just to demonstrate that a delta CAN be used to print in 3D.  It's conceptually no different from a makerbot.  While my first machine only gets about 6cm on the Z I fully intend to upgrade to NEMA17s and get ~20cm with longer arms.

You are correct, the iFab uses linear rails and steppers.  I could care less about build quality.  They get results and that's all that matters.

What kind of an answer & tone is that? "Do your homework. (link)"

Be nice, aggrav8d.

And on top of that, Geir has a very good point!

That's the tone of a guy who's been inside too long, working on his weekend on a project he hates.  Right next to him is a view of a beautiful sunny warm outside, and on the other side are two robots that are begging to be played with.  I'm hungry, cold, tired, angry, and when I read his post what I heard was "you can't make a delta3 into a 3d printer!"  I've already told him I was wrong. 

Thank you for your comment.