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Where to find a Picaxe servo upgrade kit in the US?

I've been trying to find a Picaxe Servo upgrade kit but the only stores I can find are in the UK and shipping is a pain, and not to mention the wait. Does anyone know of a store in the US that sell this kit? Or maybe just the 330k DIL resistor and an extra servo because I've looked and cant find anything the, resistor I need is 36 cents but shipping is 25$ and I can only find it in the UK.



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Well you can find the resistor anywhere.  Just buy a big pack of resistors for cheap, like they have at Radio Shack.  Or just buy the ones you need if you're short on cash right now.

For 8 330 ohm resistors it's like 3 bucks from Radio Shack. 

As for the servo, Solarbotics sells the same model as the one linked to in the "start here" tutorial.


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