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greetings from mexico

Hello, Greetings from Mexico, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is luis mariel zamora montes and i'm mechatronics engineering student near to graduation, during my career I have worked with small portions of robotics but I think any true level project, I would still like to share with all I've managed to and hopefully learn from you all.

One of the main problems for robotics in Mexico is access to proper tools and materials of robotics, I've been looking for a TPA81 for much time, so I made ​​some parts for my robots.

I usually use PIC18 microcontrollers and PIC16 as the automation because they are the easiest to obtain, it is almost impossible to get the arduino kit, so I'm more accustomed to assembly languages ​​and C.

Well these are all I can say about me for now on I start to contribute my little work and projects.

by the way I let some videos made from me during my studies

See you soon.

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Greetings and welcome to the group. While english is the official language of the group, some of us speak other languages as well (in case you are not sure how to say something in english).

We are all here for the same things.  That is improvement of our robotics knowledge and building projects using robotics concepts.

Again, welcome to the group.

Los saludos y bienvenidos al grupo. Mientras el inglés es la idioma oficial del grupo, (y su inglés está muy bien,) algunos de nosotros hablan otras lenguas también (por si ud. no esté seguro como decir algo en inglés).

Somos todos estan aquí por la misma cosa. Eso es la mejora de nuestro conocimiento de robótica y proyectos de construcción usando la robótica.

 Otra vez, bienvenidos al grupo.