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help needed

can someone make a video or explain the basics of every thing on a circut board or some thing like that because i want to know what resisters do and capacitors do, but please dont just explain those two things, please explain other basics two

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Explaining electronics isn't something that is done in a day.
Many EE's study it for years and still do not know everything.
It is better to buy a book, buy an electronics kit and a soldering iron or a breadboard and just start building simple circuits. Get an LED to light up, turn it on and off with a switch, get a motor to turn, do both at the same time, and so on.
Just follow the steps in the book of your choice and you'll get there.

Or, take the faster route and get an Arduino or PICAXE starter kit  and follow some tutorials. It will teach you how to use things, but if you want to know how they exactly work you're going to need the book as well.