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Processing Andriod Hello World CtC

It is official, I have Processing (or at least the code that comes outta the Processing) running on my HTC Evo magic phone.

As always, much love to all who assisted in the nightmare that was the software install.

Woo Hoo!


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Keep looking, my friend --A few minutes of play and you will quickly find that Processing IS arduino! If you speak Arduino, you already speak Processing. They are the same language, just a different dialect. Its like arduino grew up out on the islands while processing grew up on the mainland, but man, are they similar.

I personally adore Processing. It's like Java but with pictures. I say go for it.

I didn't know about this. I too have been avoiding processing, thinking that it wasn't for me. But this made me take a look. Wow. It is pretty cool. I was able to get some samples on my phone pretty easily. Thanks for sharing chris!