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The other day I was staring at my trash bin and there's an idea comes up in my mind. Since my wife is not home for while I think I should be able to do something about it. So, here you go. The progress of how AA was born.


Once upon a time, he was a trash bin:

Cut some spare pipe and cut 2 balls into half:(did I say 2 balls?)

Put wheels at bottom and he get new feet:

Seal the head and hand, also put servos into arms as joint:

Give it some color and cut a square on body to fit the brackets:

OK, we almost got the shell done.

Now step into electronic parts, (upside down the body, does this looks familier to you?) I use Arduino Mega and 2A H bridge.

I modified the head to make it looks more rusty and old style. Using RJ45 to connect 2 RGB LEDs as eyes.

Since the head modified, I should make the body old and rusty too. I drill a hole so I don't have to take out the Arduino out everytime I update the program. The door was using magnets(4 inside and 4 on door.) because I am lazy to do anymore screw works.

This is how he looks from back (R2D2 mutant now?):

In the front, I cut more holes for LCD and 2 range sensors and paint it in black so it looks like a belt and give it a bit stylish.

2 switch for main power and motor battey at back.

A shoot inside AA:


Here we go, AA is alive.

AA will have 2 modes to switch in between AUTO/MANUAL control.

I know it's probablly too much photo here but I want to give you more info and instead of my terrible English I am afraid won't be detail enough for some of you so I rather use photos to show you how it been made. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Before my wife come back from Taiwan with my new born son, I only got limit time to enjoy this robot making time. I don't know if I can make other furniture into toys.


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Is that a yes?

Of course!

You are the only guy saw me in real person @ site3.

It's kinda embrassed to post this simple robot and become too popular. I think it just because of style. They also report it in local news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q12dz54C5j8

Seriously, you guys helps me a lot and other LMRtians as well. It's still long way to go for me and I believe there's no ending in this field for all of us. Really glad and proud to be one of LMRtians.

I have meet some people in MAKEZINE Taiwan early today. The meeting went great and I think it's a good chance to introduce LMR to my home country, too.

Wow, that's really cool! Please keep Frits and I informed on your progress. It is great to see us deepening the relationship with MAKE.

You should be proud, not embarrassed! Creative robot designs attract attention, and you've done some very nice work.


Yeah, you did well. From a beginner to a popular robot builder, you got there fast! Mostly because you're creative, hard working (at robotics, of course) and have more time and funds available than most of us. I am proud of you! 


Seriously this is "Shouting" for some Bluetooth - Android phone Apps......

.... neat project and i would kill for a baby one.....