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ImproBot for first tries

Finaly got to start building my first bot. Theres no plan so far what it will do. Just spent about 2-3h tinkering on the base, with a lot improvisation. Power source will be a 9v block and the main Sensor will be the Sharp IR. More information will follow when i come to add the power source and the main sensor. Then i'll start writing test code and maybe i'll add an Sparkfun SerialLCD.

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Is your motor controller a adafruit one? If so, how did program it. Can you send me the code? Thanks!

Yes its the adafruit one, since the base is not finished yet (i've started building yesterday and the picture is the product of about 2-3h of work) i didn't write any code yet. Also I'm writing exams untill next friday. When i start the coding i'll update the Post with some test code.

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If you're using the standard motors that come with the Tamiya gearbox you should keep in mind that they're designed for up to 6V or so. 9V will make them go crazy fast though, but not for a long time, and they'll probably use a whole lot of current.

Pololu has some great 6-10V motors that draws about 800mA under stall that fits perfect in that gearbox, I used them on my last bot.

The Motor shield regulates the voltage and some other things that the motor receives.

Also i'm from Germany, so getting parts from Pololu is quiet tricky and expensive. Only affordable for me when i buy them from resellers.

Check out the the Link for more information on this shield: www.ladyada.net/make/mshield/

I'm from Sweden and though shipping was like 30$(since I went for the more expensive shipping) I found no trouble buying from Pololu. They ship with DHL worldwide I think.


Looked up the shield now, it seems to be able to handle something like 1.2A peak(that's usually for a few milliseconds tops). Those Tamiya original motors can easily draw up to 3A under 9V.

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