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acceleromter and microcontroller which ones do I need?

Hello there everyone I was wondering if anyone could give me information regarding a project I have. I have a design where an accelerometer would be used to detect headmovement or tilt of the head where the information would be processed by a microcontroller and transmitted to a remote control car. (head movement forward would = acceleration , tilt to the right would turm the wheels to make the car go right etc)

 My design also involves a microcontroller at the recieving end i.e. mounted on the car to provide control for the motors to control steering and speed.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me which microcontrollers could be used for this project and what would be the best way to transmit the signal.

Also how complicated would it be to make the car to go at a speed relative to the tilt of their head if it would make things easier to have a single speed whether in forward or reverse I would be pleased enough with that.