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Wireless video transmission

Been looking into mounting a camera onto a radio controlled plane for a possible school project. Just wondering about whether there are any wirelessly transmitting cameras to transmit video to a laptop with enough range to be put on a plane. i've seen alot that use an sd but this isnt suitable as the video needs to be viewed while in flight.

Any ideas anyone?
I'm in the UK not that its of any imporance (i think)

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oky if you want then digital high quality, I can suggest 2 companies:




I can fwd you the catalogs I have if you like.

First you need to give us an indication of your pocket: how much budget you have for that.

Secobdkt you need to choose ther resolution, frame rate required and then between an analog or digital system.

The cheapest one is a classic PAL 2.4 Ghz pinhole camera, the most advanced is a COFDM digital system.:-)


Check out these transmitters. The 3 Watt one should be plenty for a UAV


I am really intrested in a similar system as well. Robomotic could you suggest something that would work at about 1km clear line of sight with a receiver that just provides output like HDMI, USB or RCA (no tiny 2inch lcd screen), also I would like the ability to record the video stream to USD or SD? The cheaper the better but it needs to work, realistically I can spend around $200 but will adjust that based on the features of the system.