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Wiidar Distance?

the title tells it all.  Im really new to robotics and this site.  Is there any way of making the a wiidar unit that can give distance from 10-50 yrds?  also can a wiidar unit be made with an arduino for a mother board

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the ones im meaning are sold at most sporting goods stores for a few hundred dollars and can give distance out to a few hundred yards.  all i would need is a sensor that can reach out to 50 yards or so tho.  If you know of any such sensor please lmk.  Thanks

It would be helpful if you provide a link to the sort of range finder you are talking about.

As Chris says, everything is hackable. Some things are easier or less costly to hack than others.

"Hacking a range finder"? I don't know what you mean by "range finder". Most everything is hackable though. I should mention that distance sensors can be bought, all ready to go and will talk to an Arduino with no problem. You can also make your own. If you are just starting out, I would probably just buy one rather than try to hack.


i dont plan on starting with it.  its more of a project i have been thinking about for a long time but am not sure if it is possible. is there any way of hacking a range finder and using the parts to make a finder that can link to an arduino to give distance.  


More than that if you have the money. At those distances, you are talking about a couple/few thousand dollars. All the laser radar systems you have seen around here (actual "wiidar" --with a wii camera) max out at around 3 meters. I have had as much as 5 meters but that was with a pretty dark room and bright white targets.

Yes, there are wii libraries for the arduino --some of which deal with just the camera via i2c.

If this is your first project, wiidar may be a bit ambitious, though...