Let's Make Robots!

Some stuff arrived .

Hello all ,4 days ago some new stuff arrived , Including wifly module ,gps module ,e.t.c

You can see a couple of  photos below .

(update 14/07/2011) : Electrode and plastics for the makerbot ToM arrived .

(update 19/07/2011) : Bnc shield arrived .


All are going to be used in on going projects . (Aquarduino ,USV-P1)

Will be updated soon waiting more stuff to come ,and maybe I will  include an unpacking video of my Makerbot .

(update , 23 /08/2011): Finally my Makerbot Thing-0-Matic  arrived . I took some photos of the things inside but I wont be having

time to deal with it till the next year and Im kind of dissapointed but there is no other solution .So the series of videos I have been talking about will have to wait a whole year.

Though you can see some  photos below :

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Santa finally came through !  What are you going to make a steampunk UAV ?

Hm nope , if you mean the USV-P1 it will be as its name says an Unmanned Sea Vehicle but I think with some modifications

can be made to look like steampunk .

Steampunk USV ... sounds like a Jules Verne imagineered project:

Definitely not like this one , I was planning to use the base of a rc toy , paint it brown and then make the other parts of the USV

in my makerbot and then place them on it .But Upgrades will be made for sure as the project goes on .

You can see the base here http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2qun9l4&s=6

and here http://i45.tinypic.com/309jxaw.jpg .