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1000USD for 10000 likes

A very easy rule: For every 10000 likes our partner Sugar Shot to Space receives on facebook, I will donate 1000USD for the eXSShot mission to space:http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/lunar/teams/selene/blog/1000usd-for-10000-likes

The underlying goal of the Sugar Shot to Space program is to loft a rocket powered by "sugar propellant" into space. Officially defined as 100 km (62 miles) above the earth's surface. For more information please visit: http://sugarshot.org/index.html  

You just need to press that button to make it happen:)

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Liked, shared and joined group.

Liked & FB'd

\o/ thanked

Ok, done :-) Just 9997 more for the first donation.

Just 9760 clicks away. I am not that picky:)

Please spread the word.

Will write a post in my blog to guide the people there.

Thanks, IG:)

Liked and posted on my FB profile to solicit further likes from friends.

I'll also send this out on Twitter and post on the LMR FB page.