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This is a little guy I put together to allow for quick prototyping. I chose to make him instead of a standard test jig because it seemed to be a lot more fun! He is basically built on a proto-board which allows for any quick changes. Overall he is pretty stupid robot. All he can do is handshake with a Bluetooth device and then follow commands. I have been able to connect with him using my cell phone and laptop. The same info is posted on my project website.

The attached files are for the bluetooth module. I am sharing them because they were hard to find. This module can be puchased on Ebay for about $10

The program used on my computer is PocketPuTTY (http://pocketputty.net/)

Special thanks to bittybot and MarkusB for helping to troubleshoot some motor problems!

Work in Progress

Motor Diagram

Front View

Side View

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Can you make a video of it going forward again?

I know I'm asking a lot. But can you make a video of it going backwards and forwards?

New video uploaded. Hope it helps.