Let's Make Robots!

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So we are an international website but we only speak English! Now I know this is the easiest and probably the only way it would work, but is this the only way?

On this thread, I invite us all to pick a robot sorta thing (word, phrase etc) and give us the translation in your native language. Points are awarded for creativity!

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*words that I should not be saying because they are sweary*


"Gal dangit! Dag nabbit! Aw pooper scooper! Sugar jets! Fartwaffle! fudgemacallit! Frickerfracker!"


I think if I go much farther than that I really do start swearing.

Fartwaffle!!! :)





Well the bipolar stepper motor is going into reverse at the second phase which is causing the manipulator pressure sensor to get an eratic reading causing the microcontroller to apply a revers command which in turn applies too little grip.

translated to non-robot hobbiest

That thingamujig is fudged up.

The world's best motto: When all else fails, use a bigger hammer.

Heater voltage


Voltage needed to operate




hahaha :=) nice one!

I think I probably made this up myself, but...

I have been using "jzink" for years now. The "Jz" is pronounced like "Jean" in French but with a "ink". Jzink is a super-universal term, if you upload anything, you jzink it. For example, I have some pictures on my digital camera, I just need to jzink them into the computer. Or, I gotta jzink this video up to Youtube. Or, "I have that file, I'll jzink it onto a thumb-drive and get it to you".

I can even Jzink a new program to my Picaxe!


Nice one. You can even say it when you are drunk :)
I'd say you'd HAVE to be drunk to say it properly.

I gotta put my vote in for "himstergims"...


"hampster gyms?"