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Lego mindstorms books to go.[gone]

Ok, I've got these two books about Lego mindstorms as a prize for my LadyBugBot winning the RobotBox online competition lying around for a long time. Now, as I dig them out, I definitely know I will not be reading them for a long time... So, they are looking for a new owner, who is interested in Lego NXT. The books are:

Please let me know if someone is interested. They are going out for free (even shipping if it does not cost too much).


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Enjoy! :)

My book just arrived!


Thanks heaps for the book.

I just received my book!! Thank you so much!!

Not at all! Enjoy it!


Your books have been despatched :)

So, guys, please PM me your postal addresses. I will take care of shipping costs as well. But I will be able to dispatch the books not earlier than 2 weeks time. Maybe little earlier, maybe later :)

Yeah thanks!

So, FlyLit, Do you want that second book?


FlyLit can have Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 The Kings Treasure if He/She wants as Thinking Robots would be my choice.

Dont worry about it if the postage is to much though.

I would love to have the Lego MIndstorms NXT thinking robots!!

I live in the states so i don't know if the shipping would cost too much. Let me know if it's possible!