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headache on coding

hi~  is me again...

on my last post i have post that i buy a bare ultrasonic sensor....

and i have build out the circuit myself in order to let my sensor to function, and the main point is i have try out to write coding to test whether my circuit can be use or not but i have no idea on how to write it even thought i have refer all the coding from START HERE and the picaxe manual.. can anyone here help me?

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I don't want to complicate things, but this link might help give you a general idea of what you need. This is not the same sensor you have, but it is somewhat similar to what you are doing.

I looked at the link JAX posted, and I think the guidance there is closer to what you are looking for.



Perhaps this link will have some useful info for you.

In the above link Hippy refers to a "cheap and cheerful" ultrasonic setup in a .pdf.However the link is dead. This is the working link. The setup is slightly more complex than the circuit posted here. It uses a 555, an opamp, and tone decoder.

I think you might be looking for something like the last circuit he lists. The circuit is less complex and there is some code to work with as well.

Have you tried the "regular" code that makes the SRF05 or the Ping))) work?


this is the schematic diagram that i build....

and i donno how to program the coding for picaxe 28x1 for the PWM...

I don't know if any of the Start Here code is going to help you at all here. The start here robot works with a distance sensor that uses a analog output to goto your microprocessor. Most of the ultrasonic sensors out there are going to use a pulse width output. If your sensor is going to a picaxe, you would probably need to use the pulsin command. Ultrasonic sensors typically need an input pulse as well as a trigger.

This is all I can tell you now --I could tell you more if you would show us CLEAR pictures of your connections, the schematic for the circuit you built, parts used, code you are currently using, any and all data sheets for all the parts, etc. We have no idea what you have built.