Let's Make Robots!

Neat Robotic MindMapping like Web Page

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Sounds like we're creating a garden. Got any spare Venus fly traps handy?

In the spirit of figuring out what-the-heck-Gareth-has-gotten-us-into, I joined pearltrees and created an account for letsmakerobots_pr (Public Relations).


At the moment I'm using it to organize stuff around our Twitter account.

I was looking for a way to link or somehow relate my root tree (letsmakerobots_pr) with Gareth's (letsmakerobots_lmr), but I haven't found it.

Noticed that there are many linking possibilities .....also with twitter......

.... I quite like the Tree / mindmap approach as it gives a neat network like structure where info can be quickly found.....

Just created an account to test the pearltrees System :-

Can some nice person test this link and tell me what happens........

Ok, I tested the first link and got a pile of pearls, no ideal as to which one I am supposed to look at.

I then tested your "test this link" link and found your pearls. Not enough for a necklace :p

Thanks OB1......

.... I was not sure when i was logged on whether or not the format ...... or more importantly if it was visible at all.

.... cant find the logg out selection yet :-(