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Serial Arduino

 Heya folks,

I've been considering getting into the arduino and wondered if any one had any thoughts on this initial setup.

I was looking on sparkfun and found this.


Looks to be a simple enough setup, and cheap too..around 10-15 bux if I'm reading the requirements right. I don't want to be fooling myself though, but it does say I just need the proc, crystal, power and the serial interface. I looked at the schematic on the ardy site and it looks simple to rig up a serial interface and board that I can program this thing on. I have no probs buildng a custom board as I've been working on just such things with my current project.


 Any thoughts or opinions on this?

Do I need to wory about the icsp connector?

IF this setup is that simple, then my biggest problem right now is just finding the two transistors that are used in the serial interface as I have or could get all the other components easily. I'm looking at going to frys electronics to see if they have em and if so, I'll grab the parts i don't have.


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Could be fun, and you could set it up the way you prefer. Give it a shot.

The ICSP would be useful if you overwrite the bootloader somehow, whcih can happen with other devices, don't know about here. Or if you want to try other programming methods other than Processing.

Serial transistors could be something common like 2N3904 or 2N3906 devices. 

So this appears to be a viable option.

I have both the transistors you mentioned, I'll take a look at the specs  to see if they are close to the ones mentioned in the schematic. I was looking at replacing one with an (npn)mps2222a, wasn't sure about the pnp transistor though. the 3906 potentially could be used, though again, I'll have to look at the specs on it.

is there a reason why you don't want to use the board, arduino diecimila or duemilanove?

if you're starting with it, it would surely be easier

Cost is one factor and customization is another.  Both boards aren't bad, but I could make them the way I want them, extra memory, other devices set up on the board...

mainly, I just wanted to know if this could be done so simply and cheaply. if so, hey a walk through could be on the way for someone with a tight budget to get started....