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Google+ anybody?

Google plus is the new social network platform and has been launched as Beta last week. It's a little bit tricky to get an invitation for an account. If someone is interested to get an account, I can help.

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To bad that it's only working via proxy service :-(

But yeah, I am in and playing with circles...i am always impressed about the new names they invent for each the same things ;-)

Haha "Facebook for adults" .... Like that ;-)

Hey, hey, hey! RobotFreak got a Letsmakerobots page started on Google+.

Thanks, dude!


I hope everybody has gotten an invitation and could login successfully to Google+. Have fun with the new Facebook for adults, Google+ ;-)

Thanks and I got your invite however they didn't really like my age. Grrrr

Too bad, only way I see is to get a new gmail account and  I will send you another invitation.

RobotFreek sent me my invite yesterday. Thanks!

I'm already on, under my real name 'Andrew Terranova'. Where can I find you? Any LMR member on Google+ can feel free to connect to me. Just let me know you know me through LMR, especially if I don't know your real name.


Just send me a personal mail to get an invitation.

I am interested in an account!