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AXE027 usb cable driver problems

Hello I have just purchased the start here kit and everything has bin going well up to the point of instaling the driver for the usb cable. I was able to get the programing editor no problem, but the driver for the usb is not working I have bin fidling with it for 2 days but with no sucsses. I cannot figure out how to contact picaxe about the driver problem so i was wondering if anyone has any ideas or ways on how to get the cable to work (for the record my pc runs on vista premium)? any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I had the same problem very recently and got a lot of good advice on this forum. I don'y know how permanent the urls are, but right now you can find it at this one: <http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27696>.

My suggestion: download the AXE027 driver from the Rev-Ed site and save it to your C:\Drivers directory. Save all the files and subdirectories there, whether they seem to pertain to your situation or not. Then follow the directions on the Rev-Ed site, choosing to manually find the location of the drivers, then point it at the C:\Drivers directory, not a subdirectory. That worked for me after a similar amount of time to you futzing around unsuccessfully.

Good luck!

To answer you implied question, Allen, the links on this site should be very permanent. They'll be here as long as the site is here or someone deletes them.

I also want to complement you for 'passing it on'. LMR is all about helping support each other. You have received 10 Karma points.

I tried what you said but I am still geting  "A service installation section in this INF is invalid" any other ideas?

Try posting over at the Picaxe forums (http://www.picaxeforum.co.uk/) to see if they have any advice. 

Be sure to explain what operating system you are on, what drivers you have installed, and the error you are receiveing, as well as which Picaxe processor and board you are using.

I agree with Ignoble's suggestion (I can't imagine that I would disagree with him on a matter of robotic wisdom), but I wonder if the Picaxe processor is relevant. When I went through the process, the driver for the cable had to be installed and working before the processor was even introduced into the equation. To complete the driver installation process, I think I remember the instructions read to insert the USB cable without any processor attached for the cable driver installation process.

That said, yes, the rest of Ignoble's response is one of the ways that I addressed it when I was having the same issue.

You give me too much credit. I've been wrong before and I'm certain to be wrong again.

You've probably missed something, so carefully going through the installation steps in the order described is good advice. I was just providing another resource, since I didn't have anything further to suggest myself.

I will try that thanks man





Everthing is here, drivers, how to's etc etc