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CyClaws or JLX mod

Hello guys,

this is my first post.

Did anybody play with the CyClaws RC toy car or the JLX Overdrive car?

The CyClaws is inspired from the HRex at Boston Dynamics with the flapping leg structure whereas the JLX

is a simple 4WD but water resistant.

From the promotional video, they seem to do pretty well on different terrains.

I 'm just wandering how effective they are and if so it could be possible to do a modified UGV.


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I hadn't seen either of those toys before, but they certainly could be hacked. I like the video with the CyClaws. the abilit to drive either with wheels or with the RHex style wheels/legs is pretty cool.

As birdmun says, you'd want to slow it down quite a lot to use it as an autonomous vehicle. What are you trying to achieve with your project?

On Amazon:

CyClaws: $51.04

Spy Gear Video: $71.99

JLX: $188.24

I'm looking for a semi autonomous robot so I don't need any odomoetry or absolute positioning,

it will be mainly teleoperated and in only some conditions a bit of obstacle avoidance.

I would go for the CyClaws but it would need to have camera stabilization when doing the flapping,

well the only why to know it is to buy it and put a camera and do a test.



Thanks for the tips. Is there any any link on this forum about modifyind the Clod Buster.

It will be ideal for my case if had a lower center of gravity, I'm looking ideally for a max height of about 15 cm.


The Clod Buster is out of your price range. A quick Google search shows prices starting at $215 USD. I would stick with the something in the 1/10th or 1/12th scale model range if you want to keep your height down. As for your low center of gravity request, either of the two RC vehicles you showed would meet that requirement best since they don't seem to care which side is up.

stunty/toyish. I know they are RC for 'kids', but, I mean they both seem more geared towards WOW rather than function. In my opinion I would probably lean more towards the JLX. The Cyclaws 'might' be useful if you could slow down the drive motors when you switch to using the wegs. It just seems too jumpy when you are flat out and swing the wegs out.

Too bad the Clod Buster isn't in your price range. :P That thing is a BEAST. I remember reading about one that had been modifided to be able to pull a full size Jeep CJ.