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**UPDATE** Added 2nd video with a little more "how-to"
I spend a lot of time in hobby shops. I have walked past the rack of "Plastruct" stuff many-a-time but until now, have never played with it. Typically, it is used by model train guys and many of the pieces they sell are to scale (i.e. HO scale). I never knew just how great this stuff was...

The package says that it is either white styrene or grey ABS (even clear) and is ideal for vacuum forming and scratch model building. I have not vacuum formed yet, but I have built a few models from scratch and so far, I ADORE this stuff.
The concept is pretty simple, score and snap to cut to size, and “weld” together via a solvent-based “glue”. Both curved and straight cuts seem to snap equally well and after dry, the joints seem to be of one piece --just like a real weld. The finished product is light as a feather and with some careful construction (I.e. gussets in the corners) is quite strong. I can’t say enough for this stuff, it is a real dream to work with.



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Mmmmm..... This is Sharp stuff Chris ...

.. makes me wonder if the sheets are the same type plastic as used for Vacuum mould forming (high impact polystyrene HIPS).

Wow, sheets of this look way easier than making my own sheets from polymorph and forming. Though that was a technique that has served me well in the past, I definitely need to try this stuff out!

I have to try that ! Thanks for sharing :)

oh wow this is nice :D

i wonder if this is the stuff architects use to build their dioramas...


This is a component, isn't it? Arrrggg.

@Admin --Let me know if you want me to move this.

Sweet tip CTC, the robots look slick ;) I'm gona have to give this stuff a try !

Sounds great!

I'm a little confused though, if the material is abs or styrene does this mean the plastruct is the solvent?

Plastruct is the brand name and it is confusing. The material they produce comes in not only sheet goods but also as extrusions, i.e. model I-beams and the like, as well as the solvent. "Plastruct" appears on all their products.They seem to sorta mix-and-match the abs/styrine and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what particular part gets made outta what. There are a lot of parts --Angles, I beams, pipes, house parts like siding, sheets made to look like bricks, etc --all to scale. Again, all these extrusions are mixed in terms of abs/sty.

The solvent smells like MEK and I would assume is darn near the same as "universal" PVC cement. I have been modifying RC cars left and right now that I have some sheets of this stuff to play with. --It seems that the "glue" will melt just about anything RC cars are made of.