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Simple maze solving robot...

Solve a maze

(Sorry for my english...) This is a simple maze solving robot that I made for an internal robotics competition on my university.

The maze was made with white lines on a black surface, and the robot must find the exit avoiding some obstacles (cubes of wood). If the robot detect an obstacle, it must turn back and recalculate a new way for find the exit.

The maze is previously known before the competitions start.

Some materials:

  • 6mm acrylic.
  • Black paint and foam.
  • 2 DC motors (recycled from 2 HP printers).
  • 2 wheels (rollers from printers).
  • 1 PIC18F2550
  • 1A dual DC motor driver
  • 11.1V 1500mAh LiPo Battery.




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nice robot :) can i ask for the project files

Nice robot, I am wondering if it could run faster??

A very nicely built robot, by the way. (I love the wheels and motor gear, for instance, but the whole thing is quite nice.)

Thanks... Perhaps it could have a better finish or construction, I did it with little time available.

Congradulations for the contest :) This is a great robot. Thanks for sharing.

Which are the line sensors used?


I used 4 phototransistors (like 5mm leds) with a white led to mantain the robot in the line, plus 2 phototransistors (from a old computer mouse) for the intersections. I did not have reflective sensors such as CNY70.

cool colour....looks like a bat-mobile to me..did it win the 1st place?

Yes, 1st place + 150$ prize (aprox).  =)

Congratulations on winning.