Let's Make Robots!

Robot Invasion, Second Wave

I decided to follow in ignoblegnomes footsteps and make me some solar bots! Here are the pictures;

A little artsy picture made at night with high iso and slow shutter speed.


The gang.


Alcoholic bot likes to drink....can't imagine that it's in his programming.




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The alcohol bot is giving out LED's? I heard that was the best robot drink ever! By the way, nice robots! I'll try to make one at home

I totally missed that those drinks were LEDs! So funny!

These are amazingly artistic little fellows. I just love them and hats off for the great workmanship.


Thanks for all the possitive feedback everyone, I didn't expect these little guys to get so much attention =P

Wow, they are looking awesome...well done.

Great building. I like these little creatures.

lol awesome :D

Hey, those are some pretty cool little bots! I'm glad I could inspire you, but I think you surpassed me!

I had an issue with the batteries on mine, by the way. The individual cells from the 9V rechargeable weren't well sealed. They dried out and stopped working within a few days, even though I wrapped them tight with electrical tape. I should replace those batteries for all the bots I gave away that year!

I was lucky Energizer makes good batteries, mine have been out for a couple weeks and seem to work great =) I doubt I surpassed you ignoblegnome - we're on the level ;) I love the glasses you made for Arnolbot and the personality Cheifbot has.

If anyone is interested, here is my post that Gonzik is referring to, which includes links to the original Instructable and the circuit I actually used from Evil Mad Scientist Labs.