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coding for 4x3 keypad coding

i have connect keypad to my picaxe 28 pin project board and i would like to test whether which pin should connect to input or output

but after i program it into my PIC it cant function.

this is my simple coding



readadc 5,b1

if b1 = 1then high 6;


low 6


end if


is my coding hv any problem???

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Do away with the DO and LOOP. Instead of END use GOTO MAIN.

READADC is an analog function and will return a value 0-255 based on the voltage it sees. You really just need a "is it high, yes, high 6, etc..." If you want to use the READADC you'll have to make it "if b1 > 0 then high 6" and it would help to have a pulldown resistor to keep it at zero when not activated.

Mmm, I didn't see birdmun's reply. Repetition unintended.

The do loop is correct. The loop might(?) need to be moved one line down. But, main/goto main is considered spaghetti programming. :P

Yes, the LOOP is out of sequence. I believe it needs more parameters as well. LOOP... DO UNTIL/WHILE I think is the syntax. That's why I suggested a GOTO command. I could be wrong, as always.

Spaghetti programming? I like spaghetti. Have you seen my breadboards??? :)

readadc 5,b1

will treat pin 5 as an analog input. So, in your if/then statement asking if b1 = 1 will almost never be true, because analog goes from 0 to 255.

You need instead to get rid of the readadc line and just use an if/then statement on the pin. Like:

if 5 = 1 then high 6;

That should work. Don't quote me on the exact syntax.