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Start here with a ping)))

startherewithping2.bas5.75 KB

This is my 1st robot, i opted to go for the start here but change the Sharp for parralax ping))) ultrasonic. Scraped the code from various sorces (none of it is mine whatsoever) Whats next....maybe a mini sumo


Update 17 July 11.....Video uploaded

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Yes some fine tuning is required. He's also a bit tail heavy and in reverse it looks really twitch but just needs something to lift him level, i seen other hotglued an led on, ill give that a go too.

Hi andrew, i havent got any right now but ill set up something up and get it uploaded later in the week. I might have a go at tweaking some of the "danger object to close" settings for a bit of fine tuning


Yeah, I can see in the video that he is a bit twitchy. Take your time and try tuning it. 

Nice clean build. Any video of the little guy moving around?