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First Robot Project Choice?

Hey guys,

I've been reading up on robots and am very anxious to begin my first project, but I need advice.  You see, the "start here" robot does look pretty cool to me, but I've found that the "Yellow Drum Machine" (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/112) is far more appealing.  So my question is this: Would it be unwise to build the "Yellow Drum Machine" as my first robot?

I have decent experience in programming from my C++ class in college, so the programming should be somewhat easier for me to grasp.  However, my experience with assembling electronics is minimal (I made a cute little light bulb thingy in like 5th grade...But that's all)


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Also (sorry for the double post), a huge influence in this decision is that the drum robot is estimated to only cost $10 more..

I would suggest you look more at arduino based bots. There are a number of SHR 'bots floating around here. I believe ignoblegnome has one floating around here. As to SHR vs YDM, if you were leaning towards PICAXE based robots. The SHR could be added to to become a YDM.

Buy all the parts you need for both. Many of the parts of the SHR could be reused in the YDM. You should be able to use the ultrasonic sensor on a SHR instead of the Sharp IR sensor. 

After you have built and mastered the SHR, tear it apart and build the YDM. 

Thanks for the quick replies! Adding to the SHR sounds like a good idea. 

I plan on doing the same thing as far as building the SHR first, then work on the Yellow Drum Machine Robot. Think of the experience like, "you have to crawl before you can walk, you have to walk before you can run". Anything you do in this hobby is a learning experience as far as I have found out. Sometimes you have to slow down or take a step back to truly enjoy the experience. The parts are very similar and with a little forethought you can make many of the parts interchangeable so you will utimately have two robots. Once I purchase the SHR Kit from Solarbotics I am going to document the changes I make here on my Blog.