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Charting data sent via serial port in real time

char values sent via serial port in real time - Arduino code

Often it is needed to chart in real time the values coming from the serial port (RS-232). In Arduino environment it is a common need. If you have some values, only one possibility is offered by the Arduino IDE: to use the serial monitor. But on the serial monitor, the values are textual and also they are difficult to read during the elaborations.

I found a simple tool made with QT graphic libraries, that needs only a light parametrization for plotting in an easy way the serial values. The sw is SERIALCHART. Some details and explenation here: http://robottini.altervista.org/charting-data-sent-via-serial-port-in-real-time/

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This looks to be a very useful tool and something I've looked for in the past, thanks for posting!!