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RFID "Multipass"

RFID reader hacking success.... 19 bytes of raw data .......

Question is  shall i go Arduino or Propeller ? .....or even Picaxe (just in its grasp)

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Cool. I like the idea of using it to unlatch the door. (And having seen that movie multiple time, I also liked the "MultiPass", too.)

Crazy,Crazy film ..... but full of special effects and an actual "storyline" which is rare....

My current hold up is finding a way to splice into my current door solenoid (at moment its a manual solenoid - ie doorbell rings ... i tear myself from robotic cave and press the button to fire the solenoid .. door unlatches) ..... but hidden ancient long cables behind walls are eluding me at present....however i am on the case.

Any progress with characters instead of numbers or both of them ?

It appears that anything can be written to the cards........however there is a standard RFID system protocol and that allows for numbers only......

.... however i have seen instances where the card can be programmed as you like .....but then your reader software has to be able to extract and decode the info appropriately ........(making it a non standard card - but who cares anyways as its custom for you only :-)

My current card spits out 19 bytes of data .... (space to be fill with stuff .....hopefully)

......the research deepens .....until i can write back to my card i cannot confirm....

..If you find any additional info then