Let's Make Robots!

Telepresence Robot... by Saturday

Err. Does anyone have a telepresence robot they could lend to a good cause for a few days? 

Oh, and it needs to get to NYC by Saturday. Yes, this Saturday.

No? Oh, well. Worth asking.

Heahter Knight, all around amazing human, robot expert and one of the key organizers of the first ever Robot Film Fest just sent out a tweet asking to borrow a telepresence robot for this Saturday at the fest.

Man I would love to go to that event. I would love even more to show up and help deliver something for the event. 

OK, OK. Longshot.

If you DO have one you could get here on time, PM me Immediately! Or log in to Twitter, look up Heather Knight, and tweet her, @robotfilmfest, and @letsmakerobots that you can help.

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Update: It seems like they want the bot for the Red Carpet at the Saturday awards ceremony.

Still need a base for Maahr - it's brain is in Portland, OR and its base is in China...
We could ship you body parts (some assembly necessary) :P 

I would send you my TheBox but I doubt that it can cross the Atlantic in time :|

Anyway, if you have a microcontroller, h-bridge and a pair of motors and wheels you could build one quickly: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-simple-platform-and-give-mobility-to-your-c/ :P

I mean, that's what I would try to do

All you need is:

a netbook/laptop with a webcam and microphone

a trash can that can hold the netbook an arduino build/buy

a hefty dual H-bridge two electric screwdrivers or equivalent gear-motors

two shopping cart wheels and some furniture caster wheels

a sealed lead acid battery

a fair bit of programming

It's tempting, but I already pulled two very late nights in a row!