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RoverX - A lunar rover study

Travels on the lunar surface

This is a lunar rover study I am doing for the Google Lunar X Prize. RoverX is a so called wheg robot. I was inspired by the work of the Case Biorobotics Lab. I started with some sketchup drafts before I built the robot, using 2mm and 1.5mm aluminum sheet.

The wheel legs are from VEX. I've added 6mm wheel hubs to connect the wheels with the 4 gearde motors (cytron-12v-12rpm-166oz-in-spur-gearmotor).The motor driver is a Sabertooth 2x25, controlled by simplified serial.

Arm under construction:

The main board and the robot arm control board:

The PIC12F683 monitors the voltages of the two Li-Po batteries. If the voltages drop under a certain limit, a buzzer starts to sound:

Remote control, using cheap 433 MHz transmitter module:

RoverX with LADAR:

Useful sketch for programming the arm:

I have created a poll: Which Google Lunar X Prize team has the most sophisticated rover in the moment?

You're all roboteers, be honest, visit the team web sites, study the rover prototypes and vote then:)

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I know the sketchup physics plugin, but Phun is a quite nice and simple to use 2-D-physics engine to demonstrate the obstacle overcome capability of the wheel legs, which was my target to demonstrate:)

Very nice to see some more of the famous lunar rover!
It looks really professional, can't wait to see more of it!

Plan some coding this weekend and let the rover then run autonmous over a lunar like surface (>500m).

You're gonna win the google x prize. Its awesome

Hey I love those wheels,they're kind of funny but very effective. Great project,thanks for posting :)

Thank you, Korel!

how do you get feedback from the ir scencer aray on the arm of the bot of is it an autonomos sistm

Hi supergeek12,

I am not sure I understand your question, butI have the robot arm position and the according reading of the LADAR in that position.

This thing is pretty cool.  I was surprised at how effective the whegs were in the sand, pretty impressive!  Have you tried to climb stairs with that thing yet?

Not now but it's on his task list :P