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How to turn off the PICAXE during coding

Is there a way to 'calm' the PICAXE when I'm debuging a program?

I get tired of hearing whirling servos and motors while I am doing program edits.  Right now I unplug the PICAXE power, but it seems like I should be able to hit a 'STOP' button from the editor.  Codewarrior (Coldfire) and CCS (MSP430) have this function.  I would guese the PICAXE program editor has one as well.

I see the "Clear Hardware Memory...", but I afraid to click it thinking to could erase the code that makes a PIC a PICAXE.


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The Clear hardware memory is not dangerous to click. All it does is downloading a empty program to the chip.

This is the feature I was looking for.  Thanks.

Thanks. I have a PICAXE28 project board and the AXE091 Development Board.  I wil look for the for this jumper.  Thanks.


If you are using the Picaxe 28 project board, you can disconnec the jumper that connect the V1 and V2 power supplies.

This way, your motors and servers will have no power, but the processor and sensors will have power.