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Navigates via IR
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Here we have Boxxy, my SHR. I had originally intended to give it a nice plexi-glass chassis; however, I chose instead to use an old cellphone box. There's something beautiful about being able to crank out a custom chassis in a matter of minutes only using scissors and a stapler :). At first, I had used the set of gear motors which came with the kit, but later swapped them for a set of modded servos I had lying around.

Also you'll notice that one of the pictures displays a wheel with a pad of double sticky tape rubbing on it. This was to create drag because the servo had no pulse value that made it stop (completely).

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Oh, in Picaxe you can also set the servo pin to LOW, which will turn off the servo completely. It won't hold it in place, though.

Do I use servo pin, LOW or LOW pin?

Disregard my last comment I figured it out. Thanks for the help :).