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Picaxe 18

I've seen a lot on here about the 28, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the picaxe 18. If so can you post some info on your experiences with it?



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Arh.. The secret you are looking for is THE BOARD!


Try to look at the links I poste above, it is 2 different boards that will have the picaxe 18 in them. With different posebilities as a resoult :)

 / Frits

I was just wondering how the servos connect, and whether or not there is the dedicated motor drivers like the 28 has.  Also, how does the picaxe 18 connect to the 21 channel servo controller?  I'm coming from an RC background, microcontroller stuff is pretty new to me.

Erh.. Yes - I have, but I don't know what to tell you :D

Less pins, otherwise the same. Fits amongst other things into 2 cool boards:

  1. 21 Channel Servo Controlle I love this one, I am planning a new project with it, I think. It was used on "skiwalker"
  2. 18 Pin High Power Project Board I have never used this one, but I plan to test it on RC-cars:)

- What would you like to know, sir? 

/ Frits