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(how to) check circuits

im back with another noobie question xD,

i'd like to know if there is any method out there that i can use USEFULLY to test my electrical circuit that i made whit fritzing2011?

there is onl problem i dont want to buy the compenents yet, so it should be a digdital way to do the trick..

the circuit i made:


Untitled_Sketch_schem.png40.26 KB

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I didn't look at your pic before spouting off. SPICE is not capable of handling microprocessors. Good for logic circuits and such though. What you probably want is the Virtual Arduino Breadboard.

Um, I don't need a fancy analysis program to tell you if your circuit will work. It won't. You will destroy your LED, because you have not included a current limiting resistor. 

Read this post about How to Make LEDs Glow not Blow.

i thought that there was already a resistor builded in pin-13 when we speak abaut the arduino uno??

but anyway.. ill tryy to make it work even if its gonna take my 100 faults before sucsseding xD

thnnxxx nick

indeed there is a resistor on pin-13.

keep in mind that any electronics simulator is limited with respect to
variances in components irl.
meaning that if you are working with 5% resistors, there will be 5% variance
between boards, and so also between your simulation and the board.

once you get the parts you are going to want a multimeter.