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Picaxe Serial Communication Through Prog. Socket??

Hey, I'm wondering: If I have 2 Picaxe 28X1's that both have their own programming sockets, after programming them, can I use a male to male audio cable and connect their sockets, and send information from one to the other with serout commands? One 28x1 sends info to the other, no data is sent back, so only on serial line is needed. Is it possible, and how would I implement it?

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You know on second thought I don't think it will work with the download circuit. I believe the 10K and 22K resistors will keep it from working correctly. If you want to try though, yes, you will need to connect the Out of A to the In of B ahead the 22k resistor, closer to the leg of the 28X1. It might work, I don't think so though.  

Ok, I think I might give it a shot cause I have the option of removing the download circuit if needed. Also, do these commands block the program from continuing until something is found, like the serin command?