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Boards usable with Java?

Can anyone point me towards any boards that I can program directly with Java, or that will run byte code?

I work on a day to day basis using Java/Scala/Groovy, and while I can handle stuff like Audrino C, and I'm just starting to learn Spin, I'm really missing being able to work in a grown up IDE with full tool chain to make life easy.

I have seen the Javalin Stamp, which can handle Java, but  it's a fairly limited board. I am really looking for something like a JVM aware Audrino, or a Propellor - that sort of scale of functionality.


Can anyone make any suggestions?

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It has been a while since I have done anything with Java, but you piqued my interest and a quick search came up with this: http://www.rtjcom.com/main.php?p=ovr
They say is will run on this http://embeddedartists.com/products/boards/lpc2106_rs232.php
I know there are lots of other dev boards for the LPC2106 out there too.

Again, I have no experience with the simpleRTJ system, but it looks like it is free for personal use and might be worth checking out.